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Founded in 2017, StrokeWars is the premier destination for the most exciting weekly PGA & European Tour fantasy golf contests available today.

True golf fans know there's no sport more exciting or dramatic. Throw in the potential to win significant cash prizes while rooting home your favorite golfers and you've got a combination that can't be beat.

The most popular fantasy golf contest websites available on the market today cater to professionals who have the time and resources available to build complex algorithms that align with the complex scoring systems employed by those websites. This allows the "sharks" to prey on the "minnows" by optimizing a large set of lineups and "cornering the market". This is why the Top 1% of players at these sites reap 91% percent of the profits. Meanwhile, the bottom 80% percent pay an average of $49 in entry fees and lose half their cash. This leaves the average fantasy golf player at a loss in the long run. That is EXACTLY the reason we started StrokeWars. Our simple, incredibly entertaining contest and game play format levels the playing field allowing ALL players the opportunity to compete and have a chance to WIN. So, if you've tried the other fantasy golf sites and have had no luck, but still have those incredible cravings to play fantasy golf every week, then StrokeWars is for you!

Our primary mission is to provide super exciting fantasy games of skill for fantasy golf fanatics looking to test their knowledge of the PGA & European Tour and compete for cash prizes. With a simple scoring format designed to level the playing field, our focus is solely on the sport of golf and providing the most fair & transparent contests that allow all players a chance to play and win.

To provide FAIR and EXCITING games of skill for golf & fantasy sports fans alike that want to take their love of the sport to the next level. Whether you're a high rolling fantasy golf guru or a golf fan looking to try fantasy golf cash contests for the first time, our goal is to ensure you have FUN playing our contests and have a fair chance to WIN, no matter the level of buy-in you prefer.

Our core value is the fairness & integrity of our contests. To back up that core value, all contest lineups are posted for download as soon as a contest begins for complete transparency.

1. Hire a talented team of avid fantasy golf fans looking to advance their careers doing what they love.
2. Constantly improve our technology and product offerings as the company continues to grow.
3. Build partnerships with country clubs, public golf courses and golf focused social media outlets & sales organizations.
4. Partner with strategic & driven affiliates who will spread the word about StrokeWars in exchange for commissions.

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